Our Web Design Process:

1)  Planning

In order to get your website to be most effective for you, we need to get to know who you are, what your website is offering, learn what you want your website to say, and to whom you want to say it to. This includes a lot of questions, researching your competition, and learning about your target audience.

2)  Research

Next, we run diagnostic evaluation reports on your existing site if you have one, and of some of your top competitors sites using our system of Analysis Programs. These reports will show us what parts of those websites are most effective, and will enable us to create or revamp what isn’t working to help you gain an edge over your competitors.

This is when we come up with a formal quote based on the information we’ve obtained and your expectations.

computer screen showing auto dashboard

3) Design Phase

It's not just about colors, fonts, layouts and images. With the information we gathered during the planning & research phases,  we move to design. Here our designers develop a custom theme and gather high resolution images, web friendly fonts, icons and animations that are custom tailored to your specific industry. We tie all these things together and the finished product is a site that is truly your own.

4) Building Phase

This is where we take all the in-progress design ideas and research and put them together. You will have access through a test site, so you can review the design and layout along the way. Together we will get your website built. Throughout the process we'll be working on your meta-tags, this part of internal optimization is included in each page we design.

5) Publishing Phase

This is when you'll be up and running! You'll want to make sure you notify all your friends, family, customers, and all other business contacts that your new site is published! We'll notify the search engines that your site has gone live so that your pages can get indexed and your site can start working for you!

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