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Are you having a difficult time getting through to your SEM or Google AdWords partner? We are here for you when you need us!

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Your SEO and SEM results are going to be best when worked together only if the company doing it actually cares about your SEO. Too often we find the SEO results are horrible, and that is often times intentional to increase your SEM budget, increasing their pay. We PROMISE that we will never put anything higher in priority than your SEO results, and use the SEM results to go beyond what we can reach with the SEO. In SEO there are certain ethical "white hat" rules that we need to follow in order to not jeopardize your website- with SEM we can get much more aggressive for example, with going after your competitors - it's the AdWords campaign game! Google even assists us in searching for relevant keywords and phrases! We'll give you access to your Google AdWords Account so that you can see which searches are being done, which AdWords ads are working, and where your money is going for the internet advertising. SEM is a powerful tool when it is added to strong effective SEO. SEM goes beyond traditional marketing methods by allowing us to go directly after your competitors with focused keywords and target phrases. When SEM is combined with successful SEO your website will become a powerful tool for attracting new prospects and retaining existing customers.

We do NOT charge a set up fee!

Our SEM is only offered with an SEO Package so that we can maximize your website's success. Combining your SEO  & SEM management keeps your rates reasonable while chasing down as many potential new customers as we can find! Our SEO is targeted for maximum ORGANIC results - SEM fills in the gaps to broaden your reach to specific competitive keywords/key phrases.

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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ad campaigns with Google AdWords is extremely effective and a great way to increase targeted traffic to your website. Our team will set up various campaigns, each focus on on specific keywords. You will have access to all the detailed reports and charts provided by Google to view as often as you want to and monitor where exactly your advertising dollars have been spent.

With Hella Good, you'll get access to your activity reports to see for yourself what a difference we are making to your business! No wondering or guessing- plus you'll have a live person to speak with when you call with suggestions, concerns or questions.

Changing the way you've been doing business.

Hella Good SEM (Search Engine Marketing - pay-per-click)

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