Customized Analytical Reports

Using accurate and effective analysis programs, Hella Good Websites offers Customized Analysis Reports to our customers. We understand the need for an easy to read breakdown, which is why we customize our reports to supply only the information you want. This can include results by geographic location, age & gender of the audience you are targeting, number of site views accurate by the minute and much MUCH more!

We will help get your reports customized to give you the most important information - fast!

Not only will we work WITH you to narrow down what you would like in your reports, but we will walk you through an Analysis Report so that you actually UNDERSTAND the information it provides. Whether you want to log in to view your analysis on your own customized dashboard OR schedule for reports to be sent directly to you, Hella Good Websites makes it happen!

We will let you SEE what is working on your website 

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Some Available Reports:

  • Break down by account, campaign, and ad group performance reports to easily find the exact performane data you're looking for.
  • Save, find, edit, or delete reports - After you've created and downloaded reports, you can see them in a list. From this list, you can run the same reports whenever you want, or use them to create similar ones.
  • Create, save, and schedule reports - You can find the specific performance data that interests you by customizing the statistics tables of your account using columns, segments, and filters. You can also set up the report to run at specific intervals, and schedule it to be emailed to you or other people who have access to your account.
  • Customize your performance data - By adjusting your date range, columns, segments, filters, and graphs, you can customize your statistics tables to see only the data that interests you.
  • Filter your view of performance data - Filter your account statistics to search for the data that interests you the most, such as keyword text, average cost-per-click (CPC), or impressions. Once you've created a filter, you can save it for easy access in the future.

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