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Mobile Responsive Websites

In this day and age, mobile devices rule the world!

Cell phones used to be for making calls – period. Now, people have readily available access to all the internet has to offer in the palm of their hands. With a steadily increasing number of web searches coming from mobile devices, Search Engines are now giving priority to sites that are mobile friendly. Effective April 2015, GOOGLE released it’s “Hummingbird” algorithm which states that sites that are responsive to mobile screen size will have priority in their search results.

A website without adaptive CSS coding will look like a miniature website when viewed on devices smaller than a laptop or desktop computer screen.  Customers have to zoom in to see the content which isn't at all convienent to the user - with an adaptive layout, the content layout of the website adapts it's format for optimized customer viewing in all devices.  It makes a difference to your potential customers.

Is Your Site Mobile Ready?

All of our NEW WEBSITES include screen size Responsive coding that is incoporated into your site from the development phase – Included at no additional charge.

All of our SITE RE-DESIGNS integrate screen size Responsive coding into your site redesign, making your new site mobile friendly.

We also offer Responsive coding for existing sites, where your layout is recreated into a screen size Responsive layout.

*Mobile Responsive coding includes layouts for Desktop/PC, Tablet, and Smaller mobile devices such as Smartphones.

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CSS Responsive Websites Get Priority on Mobile Device Search Results!

Mobile Ready Websites Matter to Google Search Results | Call Hella Good Websites for pricing options

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